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Telecommuting for DummiesMinda Zetlin's newest book is Telecommuting for Dummies, published in 2001 by Hungry Minds. An estimated 16 million Americans telecommute already, and more are trying it every year. Telecommuting for Dummies gives both telecommuters and aspiring telecommuters the tools they need to sell their employers on telecommuting, set up a comfortable and professional home office, cope with such distractions as children, pets and refrigerators, and keep their careers on track.

Telecommuting for Dummies is filled with profiles of experienced telecommuters who share their secrets and tips for everything from using feng shui principles in a work space to taking the home-office tax deduction to attending meetings by speakerphone. It's a fun and easy-to-read guide to everything you need to know about working away from the office.

To find out more about Telecommuting for Dummies, and to read a sample chapter, Click here!

Get your copy of Telecommuting for Dummies by Minda Zetlin online at these fine retail establishments:

Barnes and Noble,, and other online stores!

The Computer Time BombMinda is also the author of two books about the year 2000 computer problem. The Computer Time Bomb (Amacom, 1997) and Surviving the Computer Time Bomb (Amacom, 1999) taught managers at large and small businesses how to deal with computer malfunctions caused by the date change. She specializes in explaining technically complex subjects in everyday terms, so the books Surviving the Computer Time Bombwere easy reading for even the most technologically unsophisticated. They helped make Y2K the nonevent that everyone hoped it would be.

The Computer Time Bomb sold more than 100,000 copies and has been translated for publication around the world. Minda Zetlin also appeared as a Y2K expert on CNN, Fox News, CNNfn, CBS radio, the Voice of America and countless other national and local television and radio programs. 

"The Computer Time Bomb by Minda Zetlin, is a succinct, well-organized (and scary) book that can help you start dealing with these challenges."
--Risk Management Magazine, February, 1998

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