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The Geek Gap

Why Business and Technology Professionals Don't Understand Each Other and Why They Need Each Other To Survive

by Bill Pfleging and Minda Zetlin


Welcome to the Geek Gap website!

This book was created to help technology professionals (geeks) and business professionals (suits) bridge the cultural divide between them and learn to communicate and work together effectively. The Geek Gap Project is sponsored by Bill Pfleging and Minda Zetlin, authors of The Geek Gap: Why Business and Technology Professionals Don't Understand Each Other, and Why They Need Each Other to Survive, coming in fall, 2005 from Prometheus Books.

This is the place to share your experiences, good and otherwise, about working with your business or technology counterparts, as well as find strategies for improving those working relationships. Air your gripes, share what you've learned with others, or bring your questions about how to deal with the geeks or suits in your life--or even how to understand what they say.

OK, you ask, but what is this Geek Gap exactly? When business people complain that technology people don't understand the need for ROI, or only care about technology for technology's sake, we believe the culprit is not the techies themselves, but the lack of clear communications and a common agenda. Likewise, when techies complain that the businesspeople they work with care only about saving money, refusing to learn why new technology is needed--or even how it works--we say the real problem is the mutual lack of understanding that prevents businesspeople from seeing the challenges and frustrations tech people face.

We believe that if techies and businesspeople learn to stop complaining about each other and instead attack the culture clash that divides them, many of the problems both face when working together will stop being problems.

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