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"The 'Geek Gap' is thoroughly original, virtually unique, of paramount importance and, on top of ALL that, a 'great read.' Bill Pfleging and Minda Zetlin deserve a giant 'Hats off' for this wonderful piece of work."
--Tom Peters

"The Geek Gap isn't just for those who have to manage technology and technologists in their offices. It's should be mandatory reading for everyone in corporate America. There's practical, useful material here
that will help you bridge the gap, raise morale and improve your bottomline."
-- Sree Sreenivasan, WABC-TV's Tech Guru and Columbia University new media professor

"Having spent almost thirty years bridging the communications gap between engineers and the rest of us, it’s great to finally have a “how to” survival guide to the forever united worlds of business and technology. Pfleging and Zetlin make a powerful team. Read this book!"
--Larry Weber, Chairman/CEO, W2Group, Inc., Boston, MA

"Bill Pfleging and Minda Zetlin dare to shine a spotlight on the elephant in the room--namely the fact that technologists and managers don't speak the same language. Even better, they show how to tame the beast. Superbly written, full of illuminating, often hilarious real-world examples, The Geek Gap is required reading for anyone who deals with the technology of business or the business of technology; in other words, just about all of us."
--Michael Belfiore, author of The Entreprenauts: Visionaries and Daredevils of the New Space Age

"If you're a geek, a suit or if you've ever tried to manage
either, you'll love this book. It's as real life as the
next cubicle and as actionable as tomorrow's meeting."
--Dorothy Leonard
Harvard Business School
Co-author of Deep Smarts: How to Cultivate and Transfer
Enduring Business Wisdom.

"Geeks and suits seem to inhabit parallel universes separated by language, clothing, work habits, office décor, and the definition of success. The Geek Gap entertainingly explores the business consequences for both sides, drawing on history, anecdote, and personal experience for scores of examples that are comical, dumbfounding, and also, unfortunately, familiar."
--Steve Kemper, author of Code Name Ginger (Reinventing the Wheel in paperback)

"Having both business people and developers work on projects collaboratively and effectively is an important skill for any company. By letting these two groups understand how the other thinks, acts and works, the Geek Gap provides the keys to let teams succeed at the essential task of choosing and implementing the right technologies for their business."
--Adam Gross, Vice President, Developer Marketing, Salesforce.com, Inc., San Francisco, CA

"There are very few of us that understand both camps and can communicate and persuade both camps. Your book enables those without such a background to more effectively communicate with and lead the technical staff if they read your book and truly listen to what you are saying. A marvelous job that presents some real jewels!
--Jeff Chasney
EVP Strategic Planning & CIO
CKE Restaurants, Inc.
Carpinteria, CA