Yin/Yang Poem

The secret

is wholeness.

The truth is

we couldnít be here in the first place,

every one of us,

if we hadnít been made of the combination

of male and female

at the moment of conception,

and that mothering and fathering is going on still

in every cell of our bodies and beings.


Go back to the coupling

of male and female that made you

and discover in them--

deeper than their personalities

and the genetic structures that makes you appear as you are--

the true mothering and fathering energy within them.


This energy nurtures everything that exists.

Discover them now in every cell of you,

turning and turning,

constantly creating you and caring for you.

Forgive your human father and mother

for being less than that

and discover within yourself

your inherent, unconquerable wholeness.


 When you know this to be true

 you no longer have to go searching

 for an outward drama, again and again,

 to make you whole.


Feed every cell of your body and being

with the delight of that union of yin and yang

until the only nourishment you need

is the air you breathe,

which is constantly caressing your body.

Any appetite you have

for anything at all

is still trying to compensate

for that mystery stored inside you

which is ever nourishing you

but needs your conscious consent

like a marriage vow

to be known and felt as fulfillment.

Cassia Berman teaches the Chinese healing movement arts Tíai Chi Chuían and Qi Gong, which are based on the principles of Yin/Yang, and help one experience the nurturing and life-healing qualities expressed in this poem. For more information about these practices and a schedule of her classes, see listings in this website. Cassia also teaches poetry classes. Her book of poems, Divine Mother Within Me is available from Divine Mother Communications.  For further information, she can be reached at (845) 679-9457 or cassia@netstep.net.


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