"What is "Wireless Woodstock?"

We plan to be a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) located in Woodstock, NY. Using 802.11b "Wi-Fi" enabled computers, visitors to our hamlet and residents will be able to access the Internet.

"How much will this cost?"

There will be two levels of access; free access on a limited broadband basis (512k downstream, 64k upstream), and a low monthly subscriber fee (comparable or less than other residential broadband access) for full access to the Internet at over 1 mhz up-and-downstream.

"How will advertising sponsors benefit?"

Local sponsors ads will appear on our “splash pages” (the webpages all users will be shown when they first sign on). Once users click their agreement with our Terms of Service seen on the first splash page, they are granted access, and the “Welcome to Wireless Woodstock” page will appear, listing the many attractions in the area as well as containing live links to the sponsors business websites.

"How can I use Wireless Woodstock?"

Wireless Woodstock will make possible many activities, including:
· listening to streaming local music
· watching films by local filmmakers and students
· taking virtual gallery tours
· collaborating on a “live” art projects (whiteboard etc.)
· finding a B&B, restaurant or theater event
· look through local real estate listings
· videoconferencing and chatting with friends around the world
· community calendar listing all local meetings, events, and activities
· Woodstock-only instant messaging, chat, and message boards within our network
· all other activities available on the Internet using a broadband speed connection