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Preliminary Proposal for “WirelessWoodstock”

     The Hudson Valley Technology and Commerce, Inc. is a local non-profit organization whose mission is to help improve technology infrastructure in the Hudson Valley and to promote smart growth (see: The HVTC has recently wired New World Home Cooking for internal "wireless internet access" so that people can bring their laptops into the restaurant and surf the internet at high speeds.
HVTC is now launching a pilot project called "WirelessWoodstock," a new service to the community. The service will be open to anyone, including local businesses, residents, and visitors to Woodstock, N.Y.

     Primary goal : to produce the first “wireless village” in the Hudson Valley - perhaps the first in New York State, and maybe even the first in the United States - where technology can enhance and support the community at large in an atmosphere of free access to the world.

     Concept: Using 802.11b "Wi-Fi" enabled computers, visitors to our hamlet and residents can access the Internet. There will be two levels of access; free access on a limited broadband basis (512k downstream, 64k upstream), and a low monthly subscriber fee (comparable or less than other residential broadband access) for full access to the Internet at 1.54 mhz up-and-downstream. Local sponsors ads will appear on our “splash pages” (the webpages all users will be shown when they first sign on). Once users click their agreement with our Terms of Service seen on the first splash page, they are granted access, and the “Welcome to Wireless Woodstock” page will appear, listing the many attractions in the area as well as containing live links to the sponsors business websites.

Wireless Woodstock will make possible many activities, including:
 · listening to streaming local music
 · watching films by local filmmakers and students
 · taking virtual gallery tours
 · collaborating on a “live” art projects (whiteboard etc.)
 · finding a B&B, restaurant or theater event
 · look through local real estate listings
 · videoconferencing and chatting with friends around the world
Wireless Woodstock will extend throughout the business center of the village (line of sight, from approx. Golf Course to approx. Post office)

     Secondary benefits: include increasing productivity of local businesses through increased tourism, promoting technological growth, increased community connectivity.

     Background: The Woodstock Community is a microcosm of the “Global Village” and consists of numerous “communities”. The common thread is the value of individuality, tolerance, artistic expression and the search for Utopia and a better way of life.
Woodstock has been a magnet and vortex for creative types searching for Utopia since 1902 when Ralph Whitehead, Bolton Brown and Hervey White founded the Byrdcliffe Colony, an artists’ colony on Overlook Mountain. Woodstock is known worldwide as a creative village and the inspiration for the 1969 music festival which defined a generation. Today it serves as home for artists in music, film, visual arts, crafts etc. who come from all over the world. These artists travel around the world with their art. They are members of their own artistic “communities” as well as the Greater Woodstock Community.

     Strategic partners: HVTC is speaking with several potential partners and suppliers including: The Woodstock Chamber of Commerce & Arts (which will help provide local sponsors), as well as Cisco Systems, which may supply hardware (routers and switches). Cisco recently announced a plan to deploy wireless access points across the Paris metro system. Project Directors for HVTC are Bill Pfleging (, a computer consultant, tech writer and recognized expert in Internet community (, and Mark Tourtellott (, Artist, designer, and accomplished website builder (

     Site Content: will provide access to local talent, including:
HVTC Music SIG (led by Grammy winning record producer and former BBC radio engineer Malcolm Cecil, and singer/songwriter Michael Veitch) and CMS .

HVTC Film SIG (Paul Mones, Chair), with possible contributions from the Woodstock Film Festival.

Woodstock Artist Association and the Woodstock Guild

Woodstock Poetry Festival

And much more…..

     Next Steps: The HVTC is organizing the local portal: Local sponsors ads will be linked to the Sponsors' homepages. Local sponsors within range will get full Wi-Fi service for their businesses. Anyone interested in becoming a "founding sponsor" of WirelessWoodstock should call Dan Schneider at 845.679-9868 or send an e-mail to You can also visit our website at and download a “Sponsor Subscription Agreement.”