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     Welcome to my WWW page! Any suggestions are appreciated. This is all subject to change at the slightest whim, and you never know - I just might take your ideas seriously!

     Here I am  the summer of 1994, onstage [IMAGE]at Woodstock 25, on the original site at Yasgur's old farm in Bethel, NY (Yes, that's right, the ORIGINAL site - not that silly artsy-craftsy attitude-loaded village in Ulster County that keeps trying to take credit for it!).  


  • Here are some fun Woodstock-oriented links you can chase around:
    WOODSTOCK NATION - Homepage of a group dedicated to preserving the original "Yasgur's Farm" site as a memorial to the original festival, among other uses.
    WOODSTOCK69 - A dealer in all sorts of memoriabilia from and about the original Woodstock Festival. Some neat stuff!
    WOODSTOCK LIVES - Another fun page of Woodstock stuff, just in case you aren't sick of the subject by now.
    BILL'S WOODSTOCK MUSIC STORE - Check out my CDnow music store online and get the Woodstock era music you really want, and at terrific discounts! Or you can just use this handy search engine to find whatever music makes your boat float!

    More fun stuff:

    ALL-IN-ONE WebSearch - The best collection of what seems to be all the search tools available anywhere on the web.

    World Cam! - This site has cameras placed all over the world, hooked in live.
    ISCNI - Institute for the Search for Contact with Non-human Intelligence. Yes, UFO's.
    OLGA - OnLine GuitarArchive. Lots of transcripts of songs in guitar tablature.
    C/NET - a site loaded with info on the Web, not to mention the best TV show all about the Cyber-World You can access C/Net services like Search.Com (huge compendium of search engines), Browsers.Com (all the downloadable web browsers in one place) and (all sorts of downloadable software).
    The Robot Wisdom Page. - This board includes a variety of topics with Robot Wisdom as the unifying theme. This is what you get when you combine Artificial Intelligence, Politics, and Philosophy!
    BRITTANNICA ONLINE - Encyclopaedia Britannica's "limited search" page. Subscribers get a fuller access, but it's still pretty cool.
    JUMBO - Claims to be the biggest conglomeration of freeware and shareware programs on the known web, over 250,000 files accessible.

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