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 . . . . Yep, this is me!! ;-) . .  .. . . . .Me and my two children, Alyssa and Steve. Wave, kids!! ;-)


     Welcome to my WWW page! Any suggestions are appreciated. This is all subject to change at the slightest whim, and you never know - I just might take your ideas seriously!

     Here I am  the summer of 1994, onstage [IMAGE]at Woodstock 25, on the original site at Yasgur's old farm in Bethel, NY (Yes, that's right, the ORIGINAL site - not that silly artsy-craftsy attitude-loaded village in Ulster County that keeps trying to take credit for it!).  


  • Here are some fun Woodstock-oriented links you can chase around:
    WOODSTOCK NATION - Homepage of a group dedicated to preserving the original "Yasgur's Farm" site as a memorial to the original festival, among other uses.
    WOODSTOCK69 - A dealer in all sorts of memoriabilia from and about the original Woodstock Festival. Some neat stuff!
    WOODSTOCK LIVES - Another fun page of Woodstock stuff, just in case you aren't sick of the subject by now.
    More fun stuff:
    ALL-IN-ONE WebSearch - The best collection of what seems to be all the search tools available anywhere on the web.

    World Cam! - This site has cameras placed all over the world, hooked in live.
    ISCNI - Institute for the Search for Contact with Non-human Intelligence. Yes, UFO's.
    OLGA - OnLine GuitarArchive. Lots of transcripts of songs in guitar tablature.
    C/NET - a site loaded with info on the Web, not to mention the best TV show all about the Cyber-World You can access C/Net services like Search.Com (huge compendium of search engines), Browsers.Com (all the downloadable web browsers in one place) and (all sorts of downloadable software).
    The Robot Wisdom Page. - This board includes a variety of topics with Robot Wisdom as the unifying theme. This is what you get when you combine Artificial Intelligence, Politics, and Philosophy!
    BRITTANNICA ONLINE - Encyclopaedia Britannica's "limited search" page. Subscribers get a fuller access, but it's still pretty cool.
    JUMBO - Claims to be the biggest conglomeration of freeware and shareware programs on the known web, over 250,000 files accessible.

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