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Rosemary Nelson was a renowned rights lawyer in the north of Ireland. She was murdered on Monday, March 15, when a booby-trap bomb attached to her car exploded, severing both her legs and causing extensive abdominal injuries. Rosemary died hours later in hospital. She left behind her husband Paul, and her two sons and one daughter, ages 8 to 13. Rosemary was just 40 years old.

Rosemary lived and worked in Lurgan, Co. Armagh, the constituency of the UUP's David Trimble. Despite her being a constituent, Mr. Trimble refused to meet with Rosemary and hear her concerns for her clients and her community. True to form, Mr. Trimble in his refusal to even meet his Nationalist constituents, through his refusal to implement the Good Friday Agreement, and through his refusal to implement vast reform of policing, has created the atmosphere in which such an atrocity could take place.

Rosemary's murder came the same day as an article in the Irish News decrying the ongoing illegal Orange Order siege in Portadown, and weeks after she called for a deeper look at RUC/British collusion in the murder of Pat Finucane. Although the loyalist Red Hand Defenders have claimed responsibility for her murder, collusion between the RUC and loyalist terrorists is strongly suggested.

Rosemary's remains will be removed from her home 5 Ashford Grange (Lurgan) Thursday at 11 o’clock to St Peter’s Church for 12 o’clock Requiem Mass followed by Funeral to Roselawn Crematorium.

MEMORIAL DONATIONS may be made to:

The Clarke Clinic
Royal Victoria Hospital for Sick Children
N. Ireland

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United Nations calls for independent investigation into the murder

Biography of Rosemary Nelson from Human Rights Watch

Rosemary Nelson's chillingly prophetic statement to the Human Rights Sub-committee of the House International Relations Committee hearing on Human Rights in Northern Ireland, September 29, 1998

The United Nations' report on the harassment and intimidation of lawyers

"Equal Protection Under The Law" - Statement issued by 33 lawyers from throughout the North on January 14, 1998, to which Rosemary Nelson was a signatory

Human Rights Groups call for independent investigation into Nelson murder


We are calling upon all concerned persons to join the protest campaign. Please sustain your efforts over the 48-hour period of this protest, and even beyond. It is vital that we get the widest participation possible and send a clear and strong message to the British, Irish, and US governments (as well as media outlets) that these murders and abuses must stop, unionist intransigence must stop, harrassment and intimidation must stop, and collusion and coverups must stop. Rosemary Nelson's work can and must go on.

* Phone, fax, and email the US, British and Irish governments - contact information can be found here.

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