Studio Amenities:
(aside from our 8' x 7' sound isolation booth, this is merely a
partial list, as we are always growing and making changes)

*  Sonic Foundry VEGAS Pro Digital Editing Program
*  Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.0 Digital Editing Program
*  Cakewalk Guitar Studio Digital Effects
*  Fostex 460 8 x 4 x 2 mixer
*  Mark Of The Unicorn 2408 (MOTU) A/D D/A converter
*  Iomega Zip 100 and 250 meg Storage Drives
*  Custom CD burning

***Microphones available:
*  AKG C1000S cardiod and hypercardioid condenser
*  Beyer Dynamic M88N cardioid neodynium
*  Sennheiser MD421 cardioid dynamic
*  Sony ECM-77B omni-directional lavalier condenser
*  Audiotechnica AT831B cardioid lavalier condenser

***Guitars available:
*  Godin acoustic/electric with onboard Roland Synthesizer pickups
*  Roland GR-30 Guitar Synthesizer
*  Ovation Adamas II acoustic/electric
*  Washburn EA27 acoustic/electric
*  Dillion J135CEA  acoustic/electric