About Us:
Located in Uptown Kingston, New York, DotCom Recording started by chance, really.   Bill Pfleging had been through the cyber world and back - working as one of the first guides for AmericaOnline, and working his way through the ropes of Lycos.com and pioneering the concept of "Internet Community" with other URLs such as OneBody.com and Tripod.com.   Even now, Bill is already consulting for other companies who are looking to create a functional, successful internet community presence.

     Bill Pfleging

As a musician, songwriter, guitarist and teacher for many years, the idea of melding his love of music and his exuberance for the World Wide Web, the concept of DotCom Recording began to gel, as a tool to develop communities and enhance musicians lives.

Almost by accident, while looking for office space in the city center near his home in Woodstock, NY, a small office with a cool little professional recording booth became available.  

When his friend, Drew Ferraro, moved back into the area, it seemed logical to call upon Drew's background in concert and studio engineering throughout the Hudson Valley and New York City - and DotCom Recording was born!

    Drew Ferraro

Digital recording has come a long way, and it is DotCom Recordings' mission to create a site for musicians to have a web presence, showcase their music, secure gigs, sell their products or services to their audiences - and it is not limited to musical products, for that matter!   Poets, "perveyors of the spoke word", and so-forth, can "hawk their wares" to the public as well.......

...........and all to be available at the click of a browser to anyone with a computer!

     Email Bill or Drew  (info@DotCom Recording.com)
                    ....or call (845) 340-0656

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