CommunitySeed Internet Consulting offers professional services that can empower your e-business, build thriving communities, and provide professionally trained community staff. Our consultants have managed communities for, Lycos Networks, AOL, and many other leading internet websites.

  CommunitySeed Empowers Your eBusiness
CommunitySeed Consultants have a total of more than three decades’ experience in managing online communities. We help you understand how community can meet your business needs, and connect  your website to the most powerful online community solutions on the internet.

  CommunitySeed Builds Thriving Communities
CommunitySeed Consultants have the skills and experience to take your online community from concept to reality.  We get your community up and running, and keep interest—and traffic—on the rise with informative message boards, lively chats and special events your customers won’t want to miss.

  CommunitySeed Trains Professional Staff
Monitoring, moderating, and maintaining an internet community takes specific skill sets.  We can provide trained community professionals who know how to keep things running smoothly.  If you prefer, we can teach you or your staff to manage the community in ways that will encourage growth and brand loyalty.