Criteria for Crafting the Expert Opinion
Your responses when addressing the efficacy of your modality for a condition should be crafted around the following criteria:

1) Make a statement as to what category of usefulness this falls under (e.g., "Useful", "May Be Useful", "Unlikely To Be Useful", or "Do Not Use"*.
2) Why did you make this statement? Give a rationale for your opinion.
3) Are there any issues in approaching the patient (e.g., broad approach to the patient, self care issues).
4) What is a typical course of treatment for this condition.
5) Are there any patient cautions or caveats.
6) What is the interface with conventional medicine, if any.
7) When applicable, the Expert Work Group should also address any disparities between the Literature Assessment and the Expert Work Group Opinion*.

After reaching consensus, we will then broadly craft a justifying statement using your comments. This "Expert Opinion" must be approximately 250 words in length. Therefore when addressing the conditions please concentrate on general concepts and points.

*Examples and more detailed instructional/process information can be found in your Expert Work Group Reference handout.

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