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Sunday, 6 April 2003
Rant #1
First entry here, just to get it rolling. Allow me to set the tone.

The name of this blog, Concrete Reality, is on purpose, not just for fun. What you'll find here is solid, rock-bottom truth. Just the facts, ma'am, and no baloney. I'll be ranting at all sorts of crap, lies, damn lies, and just plain stupid bogus shit, trying to wade through the mud and sludge we're expected to believe, looking to uncover the shining truisms. In other words, Concrete Reality, something the current regime illegally in residence at our White House certainly doesn't want.

Interesting thing about reality - the universe always sends messages we need to listen to. For instance, there's probably a reason that the Bush regime's National Security Advisors name begins with the word "Con" - so pay attention. Come 2004, we gotta get rid of this beady-eyed dry drunk. It'll be nice to live in a country where we can actually elect our president. Let's hope we still can vote by then, but it's gonna be close. They're stealing our American heritage and personal freedoms as fast as they can, so I can only hope it won't have become a Bush dictatorship before the next election has a chance to happen. Heil Dubyah!

Hit any nerves? Good. Anyone who supports this banana-head probably hasn't the IQ equal to his double digit brilliance, or else isn't looking close enough to see the strings running out of his head and arms. Cheney's in the room over the Oval Office, making GW's mouth move and arms wave. That's why you never see them together, unless Cheney's arm is behind Bush's back (watch for it). I believe the only true loyal Americans are the ones standing up to say "NO!" to the amazingly stupid decisions the Bush/Cheney bleedership is making.

But enough of my patriotic fervor for now.

Go back and watch the war. It's the most popular sporting event around, courtesy of the Bush/Cheney regime. I support the troops, and know damn well they don't belong over there. Bring 'em home, that's my supportive suggestion.


Posted by billbeau at 12:00 AM EST
Updated: Monday, 18 July 2005 1:19 AM EDT
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