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Welcome to Billbeau's online Woodstock music store. You can check out your favorite Woodstock era artists and buy any other their albums (I've listed my favorites) or search for something totally different. Whatever you choose to buy, you'll be getting great music at great prices! It's Groovy, Baby!!

Carlos Santana is one of the seminal artists of what became an entire genre of music - latin/jazz/rock fusion. His style of guitar is unique, and has been copied by many of the best players. The Santana performance at the original Woodstock Festival remains one of the most recognized images from that incredible weekend in 1969.

Official Santana Homepage
Future Primitive

Jimi Hendrix
Whether you love his music or not, you have to agree that Hendrix was unargueably a musical genius. He created ways to use the guitar musically that no one else had ever dreamed of before. He experimented with not only the sounds and rhythms, but with our very perceptions of music, and started us on an aural journey we're still only barely understanding.

"Jimi Hendrix Experience" Website
   Are You Experienced?
VooDoo Chile

Crosby, Stills & Nash
David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash were each already individually successful in the music world before they came together shortly before the Woodstock Festival. Crosby had been with "The Byrds", Stills with "Buffalo Springfield" and Nash with "The Hollies". The resulting trio, however, sounded like none of its predecessors and was characterized by a unique vocal blend and a musical approach that ranged from acoustic folk to melodic pop to hard rock. CSN's debut album, released in 1969, was perfectly in tune with the times, and the group was an instant hit.

Official Crosby, Stills & Nash Website
   Deja Vu
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

Richie Havens
With one of the most timeless and unequivocal voices in popular music, Richie Havens has truly been a gift to the world for over three decades. His fiery, poignant, always soulful singing style has remained unique and ageless since he first emerged from the Greenwich Village folk scene in the early 1960's. For Richie Havens, music-making is a continuous process. Through it all, his voice has remained one of rare eloquence and integrity. As he told the Denver Post in a May '93 interview, "I really sing songs that move me. I'm not in show business and never was. I'm in the communications business. That's what it's about for me."

Official Richie Havens Website
   Cuts to the Chase

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This Personal CD Store was made by Tripod member Billbeau.
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